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 Your preferred jacketed bullets
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Posted - 03/11/2018 :  5:07:20 PM  Show Profile Send Satanta a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Getting down to the bottom of my likeable, but not thrilled, Bayou coated lead bullets. Wanting to do my next batch with a jacketed bullet.
Although I have found the sweet spot. I want to get away from the blunter nose causing me to seat the bullet deeper.
I'm having no problems now, just hate the sloppy mag fit. I just want to keep learning and try others. Expand my horizons so too speak.
Looking for input as to what you like.
I am seeing Hornady, Sierra, and Lazer Cut as possibles.
Throw me your input on brands, FMJ compared to jacketed with lead tip.
Don't know the abv for it.
I've been using IMR 4227 and still have some. But added Accurate No 9
which I have yet to try.


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Posted - 03/11/2018 :  8:05:21 PM  Show Profile Send jimb16 a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Honestly, the carbine isn't a precision target rifle. I use the cheapest 110 gr jacketed RN I can find. They all work well and unless you are really anal about it, you won't be able to tell any difference in practical accuracy. I do however; suggest that you approach the use of soft point carefully. Some carbines love them and others have endless feeding problems with them.

OGCA Lifer,NRA Life member, son of a 325th GIR Glider Rider
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Posted - 03/13/2018 :  09:42:22 AM  Show Profile Send daboone a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Originally posted by Satanta

...... just hate the sloppy mag fit. ....

Please explain sloppy mag fit?
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Posted - 03/13/2018 :  1:22:30 PM  Show Profile Send Tuna a Private Message  Reply with Quote
No not magazine fit. It's the soft point dragging on the feed ramp to the chamber that causes problems. The more exposed lead the greater the chance of stoppages. Some carbines feed them like FMJ and others do not like them from the start.
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HB of CJ
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Posted - 03/13/2018 :  2:56:41 PM  Show Profile Send HB of CJ a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Can your bullet provider guarantee the bullets are the right shape and size for the USGI M1 Carbine? I know this is nick picking here but some round nose bullets ain't round nose. They are blunt nose and the Carbine can feel the difference. Slightly more pointed lead cast coated bullets might strip and feed just fine.

Can you cast and mike your chamber? Special metal casting material. Quick and easy. Then see what you have. Can you gage the throat? Another nick picky area. We used .309 and later .310 wheel weight metal 115 gr cast lead bullets. Some chambers will be tight. Some loose. Proper determined head space is also important.

You can also have fun gently polishing the feed ramps. Use very fine paper and a pencil erasure to hold the paper and gently run the paper up and down on both feed ramps. Not cross wise. You want to polish what is there and not remove any material. It might make a difference when the bolt stripes off the next round.

Also you can do the same sort of polishing on the bottom half of the bolt rim face. Also both sides of the extractor. Again just polish and do not remove any material. Also make sure the extractor has free movement. It is the little stuff all added up that makes the difference in 100% function with the USGI Carbine.

Hope this helps.
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Posted - 03/13/2018 :  5:49:00 PM  Show Profile Send Satanta a Private Message  Reply with Quote
If I start with daboone's question. I think it will cover most of all. Maybe I didn't state things correctly.
The term of sloppy mag fit was only meant towards seating the Bayou 115 grain coated lead bullets deeper.
1.680 is the normal max OAL. Some even say they go longer. To get my reloads to function proper with no worries of bolt closure. I have found that 1.620 is the magic seating depth for my situation. Recommended specs from Lee for 115 gr lead bullet and charge is 1.635 seating depth. So I'm not that far off.
As HB of CJ said. The nose makes the diff, and in my case, it's just too blunt and not enough taper.
So I went deeper to fix. Purchased 500 and I'm going to use them up.
So far I have used up 350 and after the dial in process of seating depth. Everything is working proper and well. No feed problems, no bolt closure problems, all is good. Just a sloppy magazine fit due to length is all.
No biggie if it works. It just is a frustration more than anything.
That's why I was asking about jacket bullets and choices preferred. I'm still new at this, and happy with my outcome so far with the learning curve. Just want to learn and try other ways and maybe get back to the 1.680 over-all-length. The aggravation of thumping the mag to seat them, which all goes away after the first few rounds anyway due too the lack of 60 thousands OAL.
If it works - great! why mess with it? Good question on this end. We can't learn till we explore all. Safety first, and pursue all.
Just tested my chrono today. Nice tool and worth the $. Lot of shelf time I'm sure. But it's there when you want it.
I'm at 1,700 FPS. Input? To me for target shooting, it seems like a fare play? I see no sense in beating a nice carbine up. New on this also. I love input. Hope to hear more.

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Posted - 11/10/2018 :  5:57:01 PM  Show Profile Send COSteve a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Both my carbines feed these Speer 110grn HP Carbine bullets very well. Never had any feeding issues with them and they make excellent HD loads over a charge of H110.


“Remember, no matter where you go, there you are.” - Confucius
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